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Accessories, Mods, Upgrades, AKA Farkles to my 2014 Kawasaki Concours ZG1400
Shoodaben Engineering ECU Flash                         Two Brothers Carbon Fiber Slip On
Cee Bailey's Light Grey Euro Tour Wind Shield     Admore Light Bar
Phil's Farkles Rack , Givi V46 Top Case                 Throttlemeister and Cramp Buster
Super Smartskin Grip Buddies                                 Cox Racing Group Radiator Guard
Ram Radar Detector Mounts                                    Tapeworks Reflective Wheel Pinstripes
Tech-Spec Snake Skin Tank Grip Pads                    Flying Red Horse Stickers
Top Block Sliders                                                     LED Turn Signal Bulbs w/Flasher
Neutrino Black Box                                                  Front Fender Extender
Signal Dynamics Headlight Modulator                    MondoMotos MM10 LED Bullet Lights

The Flying Red Horse - 2014 Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS

The 2014 Kawasaki Concours 1400 is classified as a Sport Touring motorcycle, designed to travel long distances on the highway while still being capable on twisty mountain roads.  The C14 features a beastly 1352cc engine with Variable Valve Timing based on the ZX-14R.  The K-ACT ABS, KTRC Traction Control, and slipper clutch inspire confidence in all riding conditions while the Tetra-Lever shaft drive reduces squatting and lifting, common with shaft drive motorcycles.  Other creature comforts include heated grips and a electrically adjustable wind screen.  The C14 comes standard with two side cases that can be easily removed for a more sportier look.
Take Me to Farkle Town!
Thanks to the members of the Kawasaki Concours Forums and C14 Facebook group for the knowledge and inspiration to do all of these Farkles.  Check out the Owners Group Links on the left.  Warning:  This could lighten your wallet and make you ride faster!
There are definitely tons of options to farkle your Connie but, due to time and space constraints, I will just document what I have done to my C14.

Two Brothers Exhaust and Shoodaben ECU Flash
I got a great deal on this Two Brothers Carbon Fiber Exhaust from 58Cycle.com.  It doesn't come with a heat shield like the stock exhaust.  So, I removed the one from the stock exhaust and installed it on the 2 Bro mid-pipe using some conduit hangers, nuts, and bolts that I picked up from Lowes.  I loved the sound of the 2 Bro exhaust except for the loud popping noise that occurred on deceleration.  I installed the P1X sound suppressor to help quiet down the popping noise but then I subsequently removed it when the popping was eliminated with the installation of the Shoodaben Engineering ECU Flash.
The Shoodaben ECU flash is by far my favorite mod and I highly recommend it.  It greatly increases the rideability of the C14 at RPMs below 5k by increasing and smoothing out the torque curve.  No more lunging and lurching with low speed maneuvers and now just smooth acceleration.  Above 5K RPM the bike is just stupid fast!  I consider this a must have mod for every owner, not just the guys that want to go fast.  Check Steve's website for ordering information.

Phils Farkels Luggage Rack with SW Motech Kit
Phil's aluminum rack replaces the cheap plastic rack that comes stock.  It can be purchased with the SW Motech kit to mount your Givi MonoKey Top Case.  I was already using the Givi V46 case on my FZ1 so now I can use it on either bike.

Ram Mounts
I purchased 2 Ram Ball Accessory Mounts from Advanced Sport Touring.  They replace one bolt in each of the clutch and brake lever clamps.  Magnetic Radar detector mount and cup holder are from RAM.  I also added this Triple Tree Ram Ball Nut from Motorcycle Larry which I use to mount my IPhone.

Grip Buddies, Cramp Buster, and Throttlemeister
I bought these Grip Buddies from Pirate's Lair.  They are made from Neoprene and provide for some vibration absorption while being water resistant.  They seem to work well with heated grips also.  The C14 does not come standard with a cruise control so the cramp buster and Throttlemeister work well to give your right hand a rest.  The stock mirrors are pretty good on this bike but, I added some auxiliary mirrors from Wally World to the top inside corners.  They rotate so that you can angle them in the direction you want.

Cox Radiator Guard and Fender Extender
The radiator guard installs with some zip ties at the top corners and attaches to the bolt at the bottom of the radiator.  I bought the fender extender at MurphsKits.com.

Cee Bailey's Wind Screen
I found the stock screen adequate for summer riding when the screen is in the fully down position.  However, when the stock screen is raised up it produces a lot of wind buffeting and a vacuum is created sucking the rider towards the screen.  Cee Baileys makes a few different sizes of wind screens for the C14 available in clear, light gray, dark gray, and light green tint.  I went with a light gray tinted Ultra Tour Domed screen which is a few inches taller than the stock screen.  The wind buffeting is greatly reduced at the fully raised position due to the reverse curve that pushes the air over the rider and the back pressure is pretty much eliminated with a larger air scoop in the front.  The quality of the screen is excellent, made with aircraft grade acrylic.  UPDATE:  Cee Bailey's is no longer in the motorcycle windscreen business.

Tech Spec Snake Skin Tank Covers
These Tech Spec Snake Skin Tank Grips are made from a rubber material and serve 2 purposes.  They help you to have better control of your motorcycle by allowing you to grip the tank more firmly with your legs.  Also, they provide great protection to your paint from wear and scratches from your clothing.  The C14 is a heavy beast so I'm counting on these to take some pressure off my wrists by gripping tight with my legs when I'm going heavy on the front binders.
I was surprised how well these stuck and they can be easily removed or repositioned.

Top Block Sliders
Top Block sliders are made in France and I purchased these through MurphsKits.com.  I haven't heard of anybody battle testing the front wheel sliders so I'm not sure how effective they are.  The left swing arm slider will protect the side case in the event of a tip over when combined with the Top Block frame sliders.  There is no swing arm slider on the right side due to the fact that it may interfere with the exhaust if the suspension is compressed too much.  Someone on the forum expressed concerns about the swing arm slider being able to touch down and cause a low side.  I have not heard of this happening to anyone however it is something to take into consideration.
I went the slider route instead of the bathroom bar look because I plan on mainly riding without the side cases.  I primarily just use the V46 Top Case. 

Lighting Upgrades
Admore Light Bar, MondoMotos MM10 Bullet Lights, Signal Dynamics Headlight Modulator, Sylvania Silver Star Ultra Headlight Bulbs, LED City Lights, LED Turn Signals, Front Running Light Relays, Decel Light Mod
Admore Light Bar
The stock tail/brake light didn't seem adequate to me, especially when the Givi Top Case is mounted.  The Admore Light Bar greatly increases the visability of rear of the C14 by providing an extra tail light, flashing brake light, and integrated progressive turn signal with hazard functionality.  I purchased the A-KAW1 connector kit for easy installation.  I chose the smaller light bar with a smoked lens because I think it looks better.  The Admore Light Bracket needs something sturdy to mount to other than the flimsy license plate.  So, I purchased a beefy license plate frame from Signal Dynamics.
I see Admore has come out with a new and improved Light Bar with Smart Braking, using an accelerometer to sense deceleration due to a sudden decrease in throttle input or down shifting.
Givi V46 Top Case with Admore Lighting Kit
The Admore LED Lighting kit integrates with the tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals.

Front Running Lights Mod
12 Volt Automotive Relays are added to the front turn signals to make them steady state on and blink off when the turn signal is activated. 
I added some relays to the front turns signal LEDs to turn them into running lights.
Turn Signal Running Light Relay

Decel Lights
The rear turn signal bulbs are replaced with red LEDs and wired to the Neutrino Black Box to create automated decel brake lights.  I chose to use the turn signal lights because I already had the turn signal indicators on the Admore light bar, integrated brake light, and Admore Givi Top Box light upgrade.

MondoMotos MM10 LED Bullet Lights
I mounted a set of MondoMotos MM10 Bullet Lights on the front fender.  I replaced the front fender bolts with M6-1.00x30 bolts and used 4 nylon washers on each side, .257 x 1/2 x 1/8.  I bought these parts at Lowes.
I replaced the headlight bulbs with Sylvania Silverstar Ultras which are brighter and whiter than the stock bulbs.
The city lights are LEDS from VLEDS.COM.  
The MondoMotos are wired to the Neutrino Black Box to provide dimming capability.  I usually ride with them at 50% duty cycle so as not to blind my riding buddies.  The City Lights are also wired to the Neutrino so that they can be used as parking lights.  They can be programmed to stay on for a set period after the ignition is turned off or turned off when an under voltage occurs.
UPDATE:  MondoMotos is no longer in business.
Signal Dynamics Headlight Modulator
The Signal Dynamics headlight modulator increases your visibility during the daytime by modulating your headlight between 30% and 100% at a rate of 4 times per second.  It works on low beam or high beam.  The modulation can be turned off manually by toggling the Hi/Low beam switch up and down within 1 sec.  A photo sensor is included in the harness that causes the modulation to automatically cease at dusk.  Using the headlight modulator should also increase the life cycle of the Sylvania Silverstar Ultra headlight bulbs.

LED Bulbs
I picked up 2 sets of these BAU15S LED replacement bulbs off of flea bay.  There's a couple more LEDs at the top of the bulb with a projector lens that you can't see in the photo.  They are a little brighter than the stock bulbs and on/off is sharper compared to the stock bulbs that glow on/glow off.  Also, gets rid of the orange tinge behind the clear lens.  I'll eventually wire in some relays so that the front turn signals will act as running lights and blink off when the turn signal is activated.  I also like the new switchback LEDs that are white running lights and blink amber so that is another option.

I replaced the city lights (194 bulbs) with LEDs that I got from VLEDs.com (High Output, 5K White, 160 lumens).
LED Relay Flasher
Cycle Gear sells these LED Flashers.  Otherwise, you would need to use load resisters to decrease the flash rate.  I secured it with zip ties since it doesn't fit in the rubber mount like the stock one.

Sargent  World Sport Modular Seat
I bought this Sargent seat used from a fellow COG member.  Much better than the stock seat and extra storage when not carrying a passenger.
Flying Red Horse Sticker
I bought some of these at CarStickers.com.  This one is just a plain red vinyl sticker.  I also got some reflective ones in black and red.  You can order them reversed so they will look the same on both sides of the bike.
TapeWorks.com Reflective Wheel Pinstripes
These are the 6406 Strobed Edge reflective wheel stripes available from 4 up to 10 strobes for a 17 inch wheel.  I chose the 10 strobe tape.  They give you 2 extra stripes so you can practice.  You also need to get the installation tool.
Suspension Mods
I replaced the rear shock with the Penske 8983 Double Adjustable with Remote Reservoir from Traxxion Dynamics.
Neutrino Black Box
I installed the Neutrino Black Box, a smart fuse box with blue tooth technology, which can be controlled by your smart phone.  I currently use it to program my city lights off delay time, brightness level of my MondoMotos, decel brake lights, garage door opener, and radar detector power/circuit breaker.  
Cruise Control
My MCCruise is on its way from Australia.